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New Audi Cars & SUVs From Audi Fremont of California 

Audi has made German engineering famous around the world, and it's easy to see why. Audi blends together luxury, capability, and style into one distinctive ride. When you're trying to get from Hayward to Milpitas in a hurry, there's nothing quite like an Audi. If you want to get there in comfort, and if you want to turn a few heads along the way, a new Audi from our dealership in Fremont is the clear choice. At Audi Fremont, we have a wide selection of some of the finest Audi models for sale.

If you're interested in a luxurious sedan, convertible, or wagon, we have just the thing. Models such as the new Audi A3 and A4 give you a nimble, maneuverable way to get around the Union City roads. If you're interested in a little more power, our new Audi dealer in Fremont, CA proudly offers a selection of Audi SUVs. With models like the Audi Q5, Q3, Q7, and Q8 you can find out firsthand that you don't have to choose between comfort and power.

New Audi A3

While the Audi A3 may be the smallest sedan offered to drivers, it will still come with an incredible level of luxury and refinement on the inside and outside! Powered by a choice of engines, including a 2.0L turbocharged TFSI® engine, and utilizing a capable all-wheel drive system, this sedan is fit for the needs of more drivers. Plus, drivers will love interior features like:

  • Leather seating
  • Audi Virtual Cockpit
  • Driver Assistance Technology
  • Premium Audio Systems

Altogether, this small sedan is a better fit for more drivers than you could imagine.

Audi A4

Like the smaller sedan above, the new Audi A4 is ready to impress drivers with a collection of features that will truly stand out! With the same 2.0L turbocharged TFSI® engine, but tuned to make more power, this sedan is prepared to tackle any drive. When you then add in a huge variety of different luxuries and features like leather seating, heated and ventilated front seats, a premium Bang & Olufsen® Sound System with 3D sound, a plethora of driver assist technology, ambient interior lighting, and a sport suspension, this sedan will certainly be ready to call your driveway in Newark, CA its home.

Audi A5

Audi is known for their ability to offer every driver an incredible variety of different models that is packed with stunning luxury and performance and the new Audi A5 is no different. Utilizing the same powertrain as the Audi A4, the Audi A5 can confidently make any drive completely special. Additionally, this SUV will also bring drivers a ton of interior comfort and space thanks to the use of a sportback design! This interior will make use of features like:

  • Heated and Ventilated Front Seats
  • A WiFi Hotspot
  • Smartphone Integration
  • Driver Assistance Technology

Audi A6

This large sedan is surely one of the most incredible luxury options that is offered to drivers with design aspects that can really stand out! Powered by a choice of two different engines, a 2.0L turbocharged TFSI® four-cylinder engine and 3.0T supercharged six-cylinder engine which created 340 horsepower and 325 lb.-ft. of torque, driving the new Audi A6 is sure to impress! When you then take into account that features like heated and ventilated front seats, massaging front seats, a heated steering wheel, and a premium Bose® audio system and driving one of these models is surely going to be a great experience. Also be sure to check out the new Audi A6 Allroad!

Audi A8

When it comes time to shop for one of the most incredible new Audi models around, the Audi A8 is sure to impress! Utilizing the great design you expect from an Audi and powered by a 3.0L TFSI® turbocharged V6 engine and this large sedan can confidently tackle more terrain with confidence and ease. What really makes this model so special is the interior that benefits from an all-new design with incredible features like:

  • 22-Way Power Front Seating
  • Four-Zone Climate Controls
  • An Executive-Rear Seating Package with heated and ventilated rear seats, power seating controls, and even a foot rest
  • Rear-Seat Connectivity with two 10.1-inch screens

Audi S4

When it comes down to performance and luxury, the new Audi S4 is in a class of its own! Powered by a turbocharged 3.0 TFSI® V6 engine that is tuned to make more than 350 horsepower and utilizing all-wheel drive, this sedan will be able to completely perform at incredible levels! Plus, it can also offer every driver and passenger a huge selection of different features and technology to really impress.

Audi S5

Audi's excellence when it comes to performance and comfort knows no end thanks to the Audi S5 which will make any drive more exciting and thrilling thanks to a huge variety of different features. Performance features like:

  • Adaptive Damping Suspension
  • Dynamic Suspension
  • A Sport Rear-Differential

These features will ensure that when you tackle any road, your ride throughout Milpitas will be more enjoyable and comfortable than ever!

Audi RS 5

For the most incredible performance possible while still offering you plenty of stunning space and luxury, then the new Audi RS 5 is prepared to truly stand out! Powering this absolutely incredible model is the 2.9L V6 biturbo engine that will be able to make 444 horsepower and 443 lb.-ft. of torque! When you add in a unique sport suspension, a sport exhaust and more effective brakes to make any drive much more enjoyable.

Audi R8

When you want something that is incredibly highly-regarded and will bring you a level of performance and refinement that is truly unlike anything else on the market than an Audi R8 may be the answer. This stunning coupe will bring you a huge variety performance features and design thanks to the incredible 5.2L V10 FSI&® engine that can make up to 602 horsepower which will make driving on any road something that is truly remarkable!

Audi Q5

Audi is not only known for their ability to offer drivers from all over the Hayward, CA some incredible sedans, and the Audi Q5 is the most perfect example of everything Audi can offer. This SUV will offer drivers the seating for five and some of the most incredible luxury possible with soft leathers and advanced technology throughout every trim level. Plus, being a SUV the additional size and height will make this SUV perfect to driver, even when the weather or terrain turns for worse.

Audi SQ5

Like its performance sibling the Audi Q5, the new Audi SQ5 is will bring drivers and passengers the space, comfort and luxury that they have come to expect from an SUV while also being a much more exciting to drive! This SUV is ready to impress by utilizing a stunning turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine that will make plenty of power to make this SUV one of the most impressive options available to drivers today!

Audi Q7

When you need a larger SUV that will be plenty stylish, comfortable to drive, spacious, and plenty seating, the Audi Q7 is prepared to stand out! With seating for seven passengers and all of the luxury you could imagine, families will love this incredible SUV. Some of the stunning features can include:

  • Four-Zone Climate Control
  • A Heads-Up Display
  • LED Lighting
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Technology

Altogether, the Audi Q7 is perfect for drivers in Fremont, CA and Union City, CA and enjoy your drive much more enjoyable!

Audi Q8

The newest SUV from Audi is the new Audi Q8 and this is going to be one of the most well-rounded and exciting models to come to market today! This SUV makes use of an all-new interior design, a sleek exterior design, and a huge variety of different features will more together to bring every driver a level of comfort and refinement that can truly stand out!

New Audi Hybrid Models Available

Audi's expert engineering doesn't stop with gasoline-only models. If you're a driver looking for something with a higher standard of fuel economy, the Audi lineup has a lot to offer there as well. Many of the automakers most popular models, in fact, offer hybrid models. These Audi hybrids include:

Utilizing special powertrains that pair traditional gasoline engines with battery-powered electric motors, these hybrid variants provide a better standard of fuel economy than you'd ever enjoy in their gasoline-only siblings. In the case of plug-in hybrids, you may even be able to circumvent fuel use altogether. Many plug-in hybrids have limited electric-only driving abilities, and only start tapping into their gas tanks when their batteries run dry.

The best thing about these Audi hybrid models though? The fact that they don't ask you to compromise on the Audi experience to enjoy them. They offer the same features and benefits you'd get from a gasoline-only Audi, just with the extra benefits of a hybrid. If you're interested in learning just how far those benefits go, get in touch with our sales team. They'd be happy to answer your questions.

Experience a New Standard of All-Electric Driving in the New Audi e-Tron

Maybe a hybrid doesn't quite cut it in your book, though. Maybe you're looking for something that goes the full step further to deliver a fully electric driving experience. Our new Audi inventory will do you one better. Audi Fremont can show you options for a fully electric, high-performance SUV.

Brand new to the Audi lineup, the all-new Audi e-Tron Quattro SUV for sale here in Fremont, CA is the automaker's first fully electric vehicle. Suffice it to say, they cut zero corners in its construction. Capable of driving nearly 400 miles with a fully-charged battery, it can go further than many full-tanked gasoline-only cars. Perhaps more importantly for some, it can go the distance while also offering rich performance options at the same time.

Capable of delivering up to 490 pounds-feet of torque, it has the power to tackle everything from off-road driving to rough roads. It even boasts a solid level of towing ability. You'll be hard-pressed to find another all-electric vehicle that can tow 4,000 pounds.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg for what the e-Tron has to offer. Appointed for luxury with a feature suite on par with the best the rest of the lineup has to offer, the e-Tron is perfect for electric-intended drivers who want more from their car than efficiency alone.

Not that the ability to skip the gas pump altogether isn't a big perk all on its own. We'd be willing to bet there's more than a few drivers who will be drawn to our stock of new Audi e-Tron's for that reason alone. If you're one of them, give us a call. We'd be happy to tell you more about everything this advanced and impressive SUV brings to the table.

Not sure which model is right for you? Don't worry. Audi-induced-indecision is a common problem. When every model is a great choice, how are you supposed to know which one to pick? Fortunately, our team of highly knowledgeable salespeople are here to help you out. We will work with your automotive wants, needs, and budget, and we'll help you find just the right Audi for you. No matter what you're looking for, whether it be a performance model, or new Audi sedan, we have it on our lot, and we'll help you find it.

If you're curious about what Newark CA, Hayward CA, or anywhere else looks like behind the wheel of a new Audi, we're happy to help you find out. Give us a call at (866) 423-2888 to set up a test drive, or come set one up in person here in Fremont, CA. Come experience the Audi difference firsthand; we know you'll love it.

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