Audi tire brakes service

The powerful Audi performance requires equally matched Audi brakes. This requires regular maintenance through topping off your Audi brake fluid and even replacing your Audi brake pads and rotors as needed. What can you expect your Audi brake service appointment to cost? There are a few elements that impact pricing, including the type of brakes you have and the Audi configuration you drive. Join the Audi Fremont service center today to learn what's involved in your Audi service costs. 

What Impacts Audi Brake Service Costs? 

All services, including Audi brake service, require both parts and labor to complete. Labor accounts for the time and skill put forth by a mechanic and parts cover everything used during the service; such as Audi brake fluid. Both of these are considered in your Audi brake service price, and both can vary depending on:

  • Your Audi model
  • The kind of brakes it uses
  • If you need rotor replacement or resurfacing, or just brake pad replacement

Having so many variables makes it impossible to deliver a one-size-fits-all price point, but the team at Audi Fremont is standing by and able to provide a personalized estimate for your vehicle. Simply get in touch with us today, and we can schedule your brake inspection!

Audi Brake Inspection: What's Included?

A brake inspection will allow the Audi Fremont team to properly assess your brakes and provide you with the most accurate estimate. During a brake inspection, we will look over:

  • Brake Pads- To check for thickness, along with assessing the condition of the corresponding hardware. 
  • Brake Drums/Rotors - To determine if they need to be replaced or can be resurfaced.
  • Cylinders- Examine master and brake cylinders to make sure they're working properly. 
  • Brake hoses- To look for leaks, cracks, clogs, or other issues. 
  • Brake Fluid- To make sure your Audi brake fluid is at the correct level and that there are no signs of potential leaks. 

Why Use Audi Fremont for Audi Brake Service?

Choosing to book your Audi brake service at Audi Fremont means your vehicle will be serviced by factory-trained technicians using the latest technology. Only Audi OEM parts will be installed on your vehicle; these include both a better fit and better performance than aftermarket or generic parts. What's more, you'll enjoy world-class service at Audi Fremont thanks to perks like:

Get Your Audi Brake Service Near San Jose Today

If your brakes are making noise or you notice a difference in performance, you'll need to schedule an appointment for Audi brake service. Audi Fremont is just a short drive from Hayward and Santa Clara, and we offer easy online scheduling. Get started with us today!

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