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If you're looking to keep your Q5 in prime shape for as long as you can, then it's important to follow the Audi Q5 service schedule that's been laid out by the manufacturer. The Audi Fremont service team has broken down the Audi Q5 maintenance schedule below and goes over what you can expect for your Audi Q5 maintenance costs. Learn how to care for your Audi, and then schedule your service appointment today!

Audi Q5 Maintenance Schedule: Two Service Intervals

Your Audi Q5 service schedule is made up of the Minor Maintenance and Standard Maintenance service intervals. Put together, these rotating service intervals account for the majority of regular services needed, minimizing your trips to our service center

Audi Q5 Service Schedule: Minor Maintenance

The Audi Minor Maintenance service intervals are first performed at 10,000 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first. After that, and Minor Maintenance is performed every 20,000 miles or two years. Requirements that comprise this service interval include: 

  • Oil and filter replacement
  • Brake pad thickness checked
  • Multi-point inspection performed
  • Check tire repair kit and record the completeness and expiration date (if equipped)
  • Service reminder display is reset

Audi Q5 Service Schedule: Standard Maintenance 

The Audi Standard Maintenance service intervals are first performed at 20,000 miles or two years, and then continues on at these intervals. During each Standard Maintenance appointment, the following services will be performed: 

  • Brake system- Check the presence of bleeder caps, measure brake pad thickness, and look for signs of damage and leaks
  • Body/chassis- Check paint for signs of damage and corrosion with the doors, hood, and trunk lids open
  • Charging cable- Examine for damage (Q5 55 TFSIe only)
  • Charging socket - Examine for damage or contamination (Q5 55 TFSIe only)

Get an Estimate for the Audi Q5 Maintenance Costs

The exact Audi Q5 maintenance cost for your appointment will depend on the service center, service interval, and if there are more repairs needed. While costs can vary, the experts at Audi Fremont can help provide an accurate estimate for your specific vehicle's needs. 

Planning for Annual Audi Q5 Maintenance Costs 

While individual appointment costs can vary, the annual Audi Q5 maintenance costs can be estimated by visit our service center. Our technicians can look over year vehicle to determine exactly what is due, review our service incentives, and provide you with an estimate. We can also discuss the advantages of choosing an Audi Care pre-paid maintenance plan!

Enjoy Service Pick-Up & Delivery for Your Audi Q5

When it comes time to book your Audi Q5 maintenance appointment, you'll want to make sure you take advantage of our pick-up and delivery service. With this service, you won't have to leave work or pull time away from your family to adhere to your Audi Q5 service schedule, the Audi Fremont team will pick your vehicle up, service it, and return it to you!

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