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Minor maintenance and standard maintenance are used together to make the Audi Q7 maintenance schedule manageable while also allowing for your Audi to perform like new. These intervals rotate, and contain a list of important service recommendations, from oil replacements to testing the seat belts. Explore the Audi Q7 maintenance schedule and maintenance costs with the Audi Fremont service center today!

Audi Q7 Maintenance Schedule: First Interval

Your first service interval for the Audi Q7 is called minor maintenance. This service interval takes place at 10,000 miles or 1 year and continues to rotate with the next service interval for the life of your vehicle. Included in this interval are the following service recommendations: 

  • Reset the service reminder
  • Oil and oil filter replaced
  • Brake pad thickness is checked
  • Tire repair kit is checked and information is recorded (if equipped)

Audi Q7 Maintenance Schedule: Second Interval

The second Audi Q7 service interval, called standard maintenance, takes place at 20,000 miles or 2 years. During this interval, your vehicle will receive a long list of recommendations, including: 

  • Road test completed
  • Brake fluid changed
  • Front axle, rear axle, and suspension components inspected 
  • Engine, transmission, final drive, and steering checked for leaks or damage
  • Body and underbody checked for damage/corrosion
  • Interior and exterior lighting functions checked
  • Brake hoses inspected and the presence of bleeder caps checked
  • Freeze protection and coolant levels checked
  • Wiper system function checked, fluid added, and blades replaced if necessary
  • Pollen and dust filter replaced
  • Safety belt function checked
  • Door hinges, latches, and hood safety catch lubricated
  • Instrument cluster warning and indicator lights checked
  • Horn function checked
  • Sunroof systems checked (guide rails cleaned and lubricated if needed)
  • Condition of tires and spare tire inspected

Audi Q7 Maintenance Costs Estimates at Audi Fremont

Want to plan for your next service visit? Getting an estimate for the Audi Q7 service costs can help you budget for your Audi Q7 maintenance schedule. Audi Fremont's service team is able to perform a quick inspection and provide you with an estimate. We'll even take our service incentives into consideration when estimating your Audi Q7 maintenance costs!

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