Introduced 35 years ago, Audi quattro® was the first permanent all-wheel drive system in a passenger car. While this claim to fame is impressive, Audi didn't stop there. This Audi all-wheel drive system has continued to be improved and iterated on over the years to provide top tier performance; it can even be found in race cars. Join Audi Fremont as we share more about the functions of Audi quattro® today. 


Audi quattro® Features & Performance

Boasting a 40:60 rear torque bias and offering systems and features that cater to your vehicle's performance, Audi quattro® provides you with all the control you could want on the streets of Hayward. Other features of the Audi all-wheel drive system include: 

  • Variable Torque Split- This feature splits the engine power between the front and rear wheels. This makes it easier to send power where it's needed to maintain traction. 
  • Torque Vectoring- In order to offer more precise turns, this feature will apply the brakes to your inside wheels and transfer the torque to the outside wheels. 
  • Sport Differential- Power is sent to the outside rear wheel and acceleration is increased by 10% via the active rear differential. This makes it easier to corner on models like the Audi RS and S.

While many other automakers only offer one or two all-wheel drive options, Audi continues to build upon its Audi all-wheel drive offerings. By creating different versions of Audi quattro®, Audi can provide the exact level of performance your vehicle needs.

Vehicles With Audi All-Wheel Drive

The Audi lineup contains a long list of vehicles that offer Audi quattro® all-wheel drive. No matter whether you've been wanting a sedan, SUV, or something else, you'll be able to find a version outfitted with Audi all-wheel drive. Some of the Audi options that feature Audi quattro® are: 

  • A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8
  • S3, S4, S5, S7
  • RS 3, RS 5, RS 7
  • Q3, Q5, Q7, Q8
  • SQ 5, SQ8 
  • RS Q8
  • e-tron®, Q4 e-tron®
  • TT, TTS, TT RS
  • R8
  • RS 5 (Sport Differential)
  • S6 (Sport Differential)

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