An Audi car getting an oil change

Audi oil change costs run between $143 to $170. Find out what goes into determining Audi A4 oil change costs or Audi Q5 oil change costs, and more about seeking qualified Audi service below. Then when you need to update your Audi Q5 maintenance schedule or that of another Audi model, you can pay a visit to our service center near Santa Clara.

Differences in Audi Oil Change Prices

Audi oil change costs can depend on the the Audi vehicle, how much oil it requires, and where you go for your service. These factors can all impact the costs for labor and parts, which ultimately determine your Audi oil change price. Typical pricing for parts and labor is:

  • Parts Cost Range: $74 to $82
  • Labor Cost Range: $69 to $88

Why Use an Audi Service Center for Oil Changes?

Mass chain stores rely on their reputation for being more affordable to attract customers, but a closer look reveals that using a chain store for oil service simply doesn't compare to visiting an authorized Audi service center. For starters, an Audi service center around Hayward can offer competitive pricing. Past that, they offer benefits you won't get at chain stores, like: 

  • Audi OEM parts- These high-quality parts are Audi-specific and provide and fit and performance that generics can't match.
  • Preserves Warranties- Warranties also include service specifications to keep them valid. You won't have to worry about voiding your warranty at an authorized Audi service center. 
  • Specialized Auto Mechanics- Audi service center technicians work on Audi models all day long, which gives them the expertise to efficiently perform tasks and catch other potential problems early on. 

Perks of Audi Fremont Service Near Newark

The Audi Fremont service center can provide all the advantages of an authorized Audi service center and so much more, including:

Learn More About Regular Audi Maintenance Today

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